About Us

In innovation we believe

AvsoftEstablished in 2000, AVSoft Corp. has been acknowledged as one of the leading producers of multimedia tools for PCs and emerging platforms worldwide. Our most popular products are Voice Changer Software, Voice-over tool, Music Morpher and Webcam Morpher. And in order to expand this premium lineup, the company has recently released Media Player Morpher, an easy-to-use program for enjoying audio and video files. This program includes a full range of handy features that will help users listen to music, watch movies, edit, organize, and burn their favorite video/audio clips and easily share them with popular social networking sites, such as Facebook, YouTube, etc. We particularly concentrate on the in-depth development of new product features, based on emerging technologies. We concentrate on audio processing algorithms, video processing algorithms, ease-of-access for users, and functional design. We have recently transferred our PC screensaver Digital Talking Parrot to the iOS platform, which earned a 4-star rating from editors and over 2 million downloads/week during its peak.

We continue to offer and develop a strong customer service department, as well as a vibrant and active online community of users and supporters, where files, information and more can be shared between users. Each retail product comes with a full year of personalized customer support. Overall, we have more than 1 million active members worldwide with over 17 million downloads.


We are effective and uniqueWe are effective and unique!We are effective and unique

We continually develop and provide the most advanced listening and viewing solutions to our users, based on current and emerging technologies and platforms. We want our users to consistently experience professional-quality, entertaining moments through the use of our products. Meanwhile, we continue to work hard to sustain our market presence as one of the leading producers of multimedia tools, morphing programs for video/audio/voice files, real-time editing, and more.

We are internationalWe are international!We are international

We have users in all parts of the world; our software supports many languages and we continue to add more support. Our software can be found and appreciated in all parts of the world. We are all about sharing and enjoying the wonderful creations made by our users and posted into the worldwide user community to be viewed by anyone, anywhere on the globe. We believe our uniqueness, creativity and understanding of customer needs will help us expand our global market, while providing a greater user experience for an ever-widening world audience.

We are your partner-of-choiceWe are your partner-of-choice!We are your partner-of-choice

We have a strong distribution network of top distributors such as nextEDGE,Magrex (Japan), Softonic, SoftwareCase (Spain), Pdassi/Winowin (Germany), etc. and we still actively seek distribution partners with a suitable set of skills, knowledge, and experience to effectively manage a network for the sale of our product line. Distributors are invited to review our worldwide coverage and our line of outstanding software products, and we welcome all potential partners to participate in a mutually beneficial relationship. We also localize products according to the requirements of our partners, especially digital music service providers.